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Who is Hwang Min Hyun? 5 facts to know about the South Korean idol-actor.

If you are a K-pop fan, you've probably seen Korean idol-actor Hwang Min Hyun on the internet even before he starred in Korean dramas like “Alchemy of Souls.” 

Allow us to loop you in on the well-established idol and promising K-drama actor. Here are some five facts about Min Hyun to know:

1. He was born in Busan, South Korea

Min Hyun was born and raised in Busan City, South Korea on August 5, 1995. He has an older sister and is the youngest in their family.

Growing up, he had a strong regional accent, but the CEO of his talent agency, Pledis Entertainment, advised him to fix his accent. He did that by reading the news and books out loud, according to an interview with GQ Korea. He added, “In order to become a good person, you shouldn’t say words that hurt others,” explaining that he also practiced speaking in a more thoughtful manner until it became a habit for him.

2. He debuted in two K-pop groups

Before kick-starting his acting career, he had a colorful idol career behind him. Min Hyun debuted as the lead vocalist of the quintet K-pop boy band NU'EST, which stands for New Establish Style Tempo back in March 2012. Their debut song, “Face,” is NU'EST's most-watched music video on YouTube with over 130 million views. In 2017, he joined the survival reality show, “Produce 101 Season 2,” along with fellow members JR, Baekho, and Ren. The winners of the show will be a member of the project group, Wanna One, and will have an exclusive contract of 1.5 years.
At the end of the show, Minhyun ranked 9th place which earned him a spot in the 11-membered project group. The group went on to become one of the most successful K-pop artists of their time, reaping awards left and right including the Artist of the Year Award at the 2018 Asia Artist Awards.
When Wanna One disbanded in 2019, Min Hyun resumed his promotions with NU’EST until their disbandment in 2022.

3. He is a solo artist 

Min Hyun always been known for his sweet vocals, so it’s no surprise that he debuted as a solo artist in 2023, proving that he is more than just a pretty face.In February 2023, he released his mini-album “Truth or Lie.” The album’s title track, “Hidden Side,” has garnered over 4 million streams on Spotify. 

4. He has appeared in several K-dramas

K-pop idols who turned actors are no longer an unfamiliar scene in the South Korean entertainment industry, and Min Hyun is among the many K-pop idols who tried their hand in acting with few acting credits under his name.
His first major acting role in a Korean drama was with the TV series “Live On,” in 2020, where he played the role of Go Eun Taek, the perfectionist head of his school’s broadcasting club.
He then played the role of the genius nobleman Seo Youl in “Alchemy of Souls,” in 2022, which became his most notable performance as an actor, earning him a Best Acting Performance Award.
In 2023, he starred in the drama, “My Lovely Liar,” with popular Korean actress Kim So Hyun. He played the character of Kim Do Ha, a famous composer and producer in Korea.

5. He also already done a musical 

Min Hyun’s promising acting career traces its roots back to his role as Count Axel von Fersen in the musical “Marie Antoinette” in 2019.
His debut performance as a musical actor earned him the Best New Actor award in Stagetalk Audience Choice Awards (SACA) in the same year.

Now that you know quite a few things about Hwang Min Hyun, it’s high time to listen to his music and watch his stellar performances, and who knows, you might end up becoming a fan just like any other out there!Hwang Min Hyun is performing his mini concert "Unveil in Manila" at the New Frontier Theatre in Cubao, Quezon City on October 8, 2023. Show starts at 6pm.