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"Dali And Cocky Prince" Actor Kim MinJae Shares His Thoughts On His Acting And Recent K-Drama | Exclusive Interview

Kim MinJae is a Korean actor who holds a special place in the hearts of many K-Drama fans all over the world. He is known for his convincing acting and ability to choose roles that make us fall for not just his characters but him too. You can read more about him here.

His most recent role is no different. Kim MinJae played the role of Jin MooHak in the K-Drama "Dali and Cocky Prince". With Park GyuYoung as his co-star, they told the quirky story of a man who knows nothing but money and a woman who knows nothing but art. When their worlds collided, things got interesting.

Sure Magazine had the pleasure to sit down with Kim MinJae after the final episode of "Dali and Cocky Prince" aired. We talked about him falling into his character Jin MooHak, the filming process, where he sees himself as an actor, and shared some funny anecdotes, too.

 Note: This interview might contain spoilers for the drama "Dali and Cocky Prince".

 Acting as Jin MooHak

 What did it feel like to play the character Jin MooHak?

I enjoyed playing Jin MooHak because of his personality. He is a refreshing character. Even though he is a bit ignorant, inside he is pretty innocent, kind and a good person. I took on the role because I thought it would be fun and comedic.

 What was it like working with Park GyuYoung as your female lead?

I was very impressed by her. Dali is a character with a lot of responsibility and she had a lot of emotional scenes. I thought Park GyuYoung was very admirable for how she pulled the role off. We matched each other well.

Which other actor do you think matched you well on set?

I'd say Hwang BoRa. She was really good to me on set and took a lot of care of me. Our characters matched really well and she's a warm person. We acted well together.

 in MooHak has a very unique fashion sense. What did you think of it? We see a transition in the tones he wears over the course of the drama. Is there a reason for this?

Yes. That was actually to show that he and Dali are becoming more and more compatible. He was visibly showing that they suit each other more.

You had the hilarious catchphrase, "You're talking nonsense." It's a famous Korean line that's a bit outdated. How did it become your catchphrase?

It was a device to make the character more memorable. The way he speaks is what makes him Jin MooHak.

We heard that you practiced the line over and over again. You even prepared 10 versions of the same line. The same goes for your famous line from "Do You Like Brahms?" Why did you prepare so many versions for each drama?

You never know how a situation is going to change. I prepared all the versions with all of the potential emotions that I might need to convey.

 What was the best part of playing Jin MooHak?

The director basically let me do anything that I wanted to do with the character. I enjoyed playing him because of his free nature and his ad-libs. I also enjoyed being able to try a number of things within my character.

 What do you think Kim MinJae and Jin MooHak have in common?

Nothing hahaha. Well, at first I thought they are not alike at all but after acting as him for 8 months we started to become alike. If I absolutely had to choose something that we have in common, it would be sincerity. That and how we both love the work that we do.

 In that case, is there any trait of Jin MooHak's that you wish you had?

I used to be really smart and have a good memory when I was younger, but it's not the same now. I envy Jin MooHak's ability to remember things.

Jin MooHak is very good at cooking. Is there a dish that you're particularly good at making in real life?

I make a really good steak with garnish. I'm not really good at cooking a lot of things but I think my steak is delicious.

 How do you like your steak? Are you the type to seek out the best restaurant with the best food to go eat?

I like my steak just right. Medium. I'm also not the type to seek out a tasty restaurant, I'm just happy as long as I'm full. Of course, eating tasty food does put me in a good mood.

 What is gamjatang/pork backbone stew (감자탕 in Korean - from the original drama title in Korean) to you?

A drama that I love. I can only think about the drama when I hear that word now, not the food.

 How did you feel taking on the comedic genre? Did you try to change your image through this character?

At first, I felt like comedy was a big burden but I got rid of that thought and just tried to do my best. My co-stars helped a lot. I also didn't take on the role with the thought of changing my image. I just wanted to challenge myself and play a character that makes people smile.

 When you take on a character, do you focus a lot on giving them a unique voice? Do you look to a certain character for inspiration?

I don't get inspired by other characters but I try to make the characters my own using my own colors. I just think, "He would probably speak like this," and interpret them myself.

Do you take long to get out of character once a drama is over?

Yes. I think it takes me a long while. I feel upset to part with the character that I've loved so much. It's a bit of a vague feeling.

Which character that you've played until now do you think has been the hardest to get out of?

My character from "Do You Like Brahms?" I think he is still with me even now. I feel that especially when I play the piano. Playing piano is my hobby though so it's a bit of a problem hahaha.

 In "Do You Like Brahms?" you played the piano and in "Dali and Cocky Prince" we enter the art world. How does it feel to do roles that are related to art? Do you perhaps have a favorite artist?

I really like the connection because I also enjoy art. One of my favorite artists is Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Are there any dramas that you've enjoyed watching recently?

No. I don't usually watch other dramas while I am filming one. Now that "Dali and Cocky Prince" is over, it's time for me to catch up.

You've encountered love through many of your roles throughout your filmography. What do you think love is?

I'm not really sure. What is love? I think it's a diverse emotion and very important. Hmmm.

If you had to compliment yourself on one thing that has changed since you debuted, what would it be?

When I first debuted I was very nervous and wasn't really sure how to handle it. Now I've gained a sense of calm and I can love my work without being too nervous. If I had to compliment myself, I'd say I've done well overcoming hardships to get to where I am now.

You recently celebrated your birthday, congratulations! How was your special day?

Thank you! I received a lot of love and a lot of good things happened to me. I think it was like a synergetic effect from Jin MooHak's positive energy.

The future for Kim MinJae

Is there a type of character or role that you want to take on as a challenge?

I want to try everything and as many genres in my 20s as possible, I think that will shape my acting in my 30s.

What kind of actor do you want to become in the future?

I want to become an actor that viewers feel that they can rely on and believe in. The actor who always shows a good performance.

You're quite popular amongst Korean actors, especially overseas, how does that feel?

I'm very thankful. I want to say thank you to my fans who are watching me from far away. I hope that my foreign fans would keep watching me and can meet me through more good characters.

Is there a Korean meal that you would recommend to your international fans who maybe haven't had Korean food before?

Gamjatang (pork backbone stew from the title of the drama). I used to eat it a lot as a child and I really like it.

What do you spend your time doing these days?

I'm always either at home or in the studio producing music. I also exercise and play golf. As well as writing ballads.

There are just less than 2 months of the year left. Do you have any special plans?

I'm not the type to make a lot of plans. I just want to focus on maintaining my health and exercising.

 Lastly, Kim MinJae said that he would like to thank all of the fans who watched "Dali and Cocky Prince" until the end. The show recorded its highest viewership rating throughout the entire series with a percentage of 5.7% viewership for the final episode.<br>He also said that he often uses these interviews as a way to say goodbye to his character and the drama.

When asked what he had to say to his character Jin MooHak as a final greeting, he smiled nostalgically and said, "You worked hard. Be happy. Listen to Dali well and have a good life."

He said that although they won't meet again, he has faith that Jin MooHak will live a good life. We're certain that Kim MinJae will live happily too and we're excited to see how his bright future goes.

Did you enjoy "Dali and Cocky Prince"? What did you think of Kim MinJae's acting?