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Korean shamanism: the craziest religion where matriarchy, 10,000 gods and dancing with knives reign.

A belief that goes back centuries and has much in common with the customs of the ancient inhabitants, the shamanism of Korea has unusually merged in places with traditional faiths and now echoes of its rituals can be seen even in the Christian church. 

Why do modern Koreans run to shamans and fortune tellers to solve their most everyday issues and problems? What did Jesus, the Virgin Mary and American General Douglas MacArthur forget about their beliefs? 

Why do shamans eat raw meat when worshiping spirits (and why is it truly fascinating)?

 Read about this in our material, inspired by Asian vibes and the unique cultures of this region.
Where did Korean shamanism come from, and what is it?
The foundation of the first Korean kingdom of Gojoseon is associated with the name of the deity-king Dangun Wangom - the son of the heavenly god and the earth mother goddess, whose reign began in 2333 BC. By the way, National Founding Day, celebrated annually on October 3, is the only holiday that South and North Korea respect equally. And until 1961, in some cases in the southern half they used the traditional Dangi chronology, which was carried out precisely from the founding date of the kingdom. In North Korea, this practice ended by 1997.

In Korean ethnic belief, it is customary to worship a large number of gods, who do not form a single coherent pantheon, since they are almost unrelated to each other; They also pray to the spirits of ancestors, prominent figures and generals, as well as the spirits of nature, animals and various things.

Judging by recent research by Hong Te-Han, a professor at Chung-Ang University in Seoul, who studies the features of ancient religion, one can distinguish 273 categories of revered deities, and if you look at the subcategories, there are easily 10,000, or even more. The number of gods is constantly changing, because Korean shamanism is one of the most flexible religions, where traditional beliefs with a rich history are calmly combined with both Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, which came here relatively long ago, and with Christianity, which is relatively new to the country.

  • Our hero today, the modern, young shaman Lian Polaris!

- What should we call you in the text?
They usually called me Saje (Priest) or Teacher.

- How long have you been working in the field of tarot reading?

I had been spiritually sensitive since childhood, but in fact was in self-denial. It's been about 3 years since I started individual activities online, and about 1 year since I started working as a team.

- Did I understand correctly that you work both with esoteric methods and shamanism or fortune telling with tarot cards?

Yes, that's right. Jusul(magic) and shamanism are the roots of primitive religion, and many people come to us to heal problems, fulfill wishes, and solve problems that cannot be resolved through counseling alone.

- How did this idea of working as a fortune teller and promoting shamanism in modern life come about among South Koreans?

As a member of society, you play the role of a social adult as a healer to others. Fortune is a way of life, and because ancient Korean society was a theocratic society, it was a very important thing to do. It exists to solve problems that are challenging or medically unsolvable

- Can fortune telling be learned or is it a special gift that is inherited? 

Of course, I was born an indigo child , but ordinary people can also fully utilize their spiritual powers. It can awaken you.

- Do you consider yourself a successful and famous shaman?

Yes i am famous. Actually, I don't really like the word shaman. Shaman is a term used to refer to a medium, that is, a person possessed. However, ordinary people see me as a shaman, but in fact, I am an Indigo Child. I’m a priest who has spiritual powers and acts as an agent between God and humans.

- Now, if possible, let’s move into the area of esotericism. Do you consider yourself a student of someone in particular there, or a person from a certain tradition? (for example, are you talking about yourself Polaris)?I follow the Magoist religion, Korea's national religion, and serve as a priest. 

Korea was originally a country ruled by a goddess, but with the introduction of so many foreign religions, Shamanism quietly disappeared as it lost its roots in muism.

- Which Tarot deck do you consider to be your main one?

The Mansin Tarot Card is an important tool to inform the world about the forgotten roots of Korean shamanism.

- Do you guess mostly face to face or in absentia? (Remotely - Online). - How often do you second guess yourself?

I think about it every day. The reason is simple Because when I observe someone, it is natural to objectify myself.

- Who comes more often, men or women?

Business women often come. Now, women are entering society and I come here to solve many problems, including raising children and working.

- Many people guess from photographs. How accurate are the predictions then?
Very accurate.

- The literary character created by Arthur Conan Doyle - the famous detective Sherlock Holmes - worked by deductive method and could also tell a lot about a person by appearance. Perhaps, subconsciously you are a good psychologist?

It can be said that I'm a good psychic psychologist not only in psychology but also in fortune telling. Physiognomy tells us exactly what a person has lived, such as their expressions, facial muscles, etc.

- Everyone has heard about the 10 steps of Korean beauty care. Is there something in your personal care that you always follow?

I have never experienced treatment at a dermatologist and only focused on self-care.In particular, my radiant glow is Prime Muse’s “Crystal face massage tool.
”This is one of the secrets to the minerals in crystals being absorbed into the skin, eliminating toxins and making you look younger.

- In what direction would you like to further develop your career?

Without my country and spreading our traditions abroad can find new lives for those who wander.I will play the role of a leader to help you live.

- Which meeting with the Korean star do you remember most and why?- Describe your character in five different words.

- Among your encounters with Hallyu stars, what was your most memorable encounter and why?

Actor B's personal and professional lives coincided. Usually, stars lead conflicting lives, but Mr. B....
The secret to success was the “maintenance” mentioned above.

- Describe your character in five words To help myself, god help me- What inspires and motivates you?I get inspiration from looking at nature, and the precious words of my respected teacher motivate me.- Do you have any cherished dream that you strive for? I hope for a world where everyone lives well.

- Is it possible to say with confidence that you are a happy person?

After receiving Goddess Mago, I realized how happy I am.- Is success luck or work on yourself?

- What should every person do at least once in their life?Success is luck and Goddess helps me because I helped myself 

- Please, a few inspiring words for our readers.You must overcome your own limitationsIf you want to be respected by someone, remember just 3 things:
You just need to follow the basics of shame, courtesy, and common sense.