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Actor Ji Soo Speaks Out About His Bullying Allegations For The First Time In 2 Years

Actor Ji Soo has spoken up for the first time in two years following his bullying scandal.

Back in March 2021, Ji Soo was accused of school violence and bullying. Because of this, KeyEast terminated their contract with him.

 He then enlisted in the military back in October 2021, meaning he was recently discharged from the military.

Ji Soo held an exclusive interview with Sure Magazine, where he talked about some of the accusations made against him and how the initial informant has forgiven him.

 One topic brought up by Sure Magazine was the incident where Ji Soo would urinate into the classroom trash can.

 I have never done that before. Does something like that happen in reality? It is all false.

I went to a middle school that was a bit far from my house. When I was in seventh grade, I was treated like a stranger. At the end of eighth grade, my friend was bullied by a group of students, so I gave them a strong warning. As a result, I was beaten up by a group of them. They came and apologized to me, and naturally I ended up getting along with them.

At that time, I also did have some bad feelings towards them, but I thought it would help make my school life more comfortable. I was close with them, but I did not bully or assault anyone.

— Ji Soo

 Ji Soo also talked about the initial informant who uploaded the post accusing him of school violence.

I met with “A” and talked with him for a long time. He thought I ostracized him from the other students because I was close with “B,” a student who was involved in the gift certificate theft. It’s true I was close with “B” at that time. So I think “A” thought I was involved in the incident. We talked about the misunderstandings and we resolved the issue, that I was not involved. It was not something I did, but I apologized because I was close to “B.” I would like to once again apologize to “A” and other school friends that I hurt.

At that time, [River Where the Moon Rises] was being broadcast. I had to apologize quickly and drop out of the show. My military enlistment notice was already sent, so I could not explain myself properly and I just joined the military. It has already been two years.

— Ji Soo

 “A” made it known to Sure Magazine that he has met up with Ji Soo and the two are now in frequent contact. “A” also mentioned he feels sorry for inflating the initial post he made with false content. Most importantly, “A” has forgiven Ji Soo and is cheering for his future.

"We have made up well with each other and now we are cheering for each other. I hope Ji Soo does well again"

— “A”