14 Jan

Since it was revealed that Alessandro Michele would be leaving his role as Gucci creative director in November 2022, everyone's who's anyone (and plenty people beyond that) have weighed in on what they expect from the Italian house in the future.

Who will be the new artistic overseer? Who could possibly follow Michele? Will they alter his distinctive brand vision? How will they reshape Gucci's multibillion-dollar business, if at all?

After confirming to Highsnobiety that the show would not reveal Gucci's new creative visionary, Gucci instead provided an indication of what its next steps with its January 13 menswear show at Milan Fashion Week instead.

The result was a sort of stylistic palate cleanser.

See, Gucci's Fall 2023 menswear collection was designed by the label's in-house creative team, who all worked with Michele.

Gucci's guests — which included A-listers like Idris Elba alongside influencers aplenty — were served ultra-indulgent, genderless looks that didn't suggest a firm departure from Michele's romanticism but instead leaned towards quiet luxury.

Familiar touches were in place — tracksuits, boxy tailoring, glitz, glam — but the shapes had a street feel, often cut cropped and close rather than billowy.

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