22 Sep

Seoul Fashion Week has once again returned for the Spring/Summer 2024 season and this time, it brought forward a bevy of both staple and emerging brands from the nation. As the Korean government aims to make Seoul the Asian fashion capital of the world, the week long event as K-pop girl band New Jeans as their ambassadors, hoping to bring in a broader and more global audience to Seoul Fashion Week.<br>During the week, Hypebeast was on the ground at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, the location where all the shows are held. Guests from all over the world travelled to Seoul to experience designs of local brands and the artistry of up and coming designers. Of course, fashion week brings together some of the most elaborate styles, giving international audiences a chance to share their fashion influences in street style. Different from other global fashion weeks like in New York City, London, Milan and Paris, luxury brands were not in abundance.In Seoul, attendees are prideful in their outfit choices, wearing Korean brands like Thug Club, often paired with a staple sunglasses accessory from Gentle Monster. Monochromatic styling has been a popular neutral choice amongst showgoers, focusing on casual silhouettes with oversized denim jeans and t-shirts. Practicality and function were the main drivers behind the styling, however, a youthful flair was often seen in the pop of color or accessorizing to go with the outfit.Take a look above at some of the best street style looks during Seoul Fashion Week SS24.TEXT BYJoyce Li

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