27 Nov

The 'Polimoda in Seoul' event at Polimoda Fashion School was held on November 24-25 in High Street Italy, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The event was attended by Massimiliano Giornetti, who was the first to visit Korea as Principal Polimoda.

'Polimoda in Seoul' was an event to strengthen the connection between Korean fashion industry officials and students and share knowledge. On the 24th, we held a master class seminar and on the 25th, we conducted a portfolio review to discuss fashion design and sustainability and give lectures.

Polimoda is a fashion school based in Florence, Italy, founded in 1986, and provides students with expertise and vision to work in the fashion industry through its own curriculum. Polimoda Fashion School programs include Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Art Direction, and Textile for the luxury fashion industry.

In addition, Polymoda students continue to connect with fashion industry by establishing relationships with fashion companies such as Gucci, Tod's, Ferragamo, Etro, Vogue, Parsons, and FIT.

The following is a question and answer with Principal Massimiliano Zurneti at the 'Polimoda in Seoul' event.

– What is the purpose of coming to Korea this time?

I personally like Asia and have lived in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Also, I visited Korea because I thought it was an important time to be culturally related to Korea.Also, in this era, quiet luxury, which values minimalism and quality, is the trend, and Korea is showing strength. I think this part is closely linked between Italy and Korea.

-What if I introduce Polimoda to a Korean fashion industry official?

Two years ago, there was an industrial exchange between Bottega Veneta and last year, MaxMara and Polimoda students. I don't think an ordinary fashion school is suitable for conducting classes away from the fashion industry. Fashion companies should transfusion young blood through exchanges with students. In this regard, Polymoda can be seen as a difference from other fashion schools.

-Do you have any plans to establish Polimoda in Korea? If not, will you visit Korea from time to time and hold these events often?

For the quality of education, Polimoda was founded in only one place in Florence. It is important that fashion and industry are connected. Therefore, the reason Polimoda adheres to Florence is because it is easy to interact with a number of fashion companies located in Florence, the center of the fashion industry. I also think it's positive to hold an event like this. I think it's a good event for Polimoda faculty members other than me to attend.

-What kind of curriculum is specialized in Polimoda Fashion School?

Polimoda's educational program was largely divided into fashion design and fashion business, and in conclusion, it is characterized by studying while exchanging programs with each other rather than being specialized in one program. I think Polimoda students should think about their future hopes after learning all the curriculum. Therefore, it is important to learn by integrating and mixing the two educational courses.

-Is there anything you want to say to people who want to work as fashion designers or MDs in Korea?

I want you to be bold, innovative, and proud of yourself. Because in the past, young friends were the inspiration for fashion, and now they are the most consuming generation in the fashion industry. They are also the protagonists of fast-moving trends. In a way, schools can make fatal mistakes because they follow the existing ones. Therefore, I hope you are not afraid of new attempts and challenges.

-What do you think of the level of fashion in Korea? Also, do you know or like any Korean brands?

I think the current trend of minimalism and Korean fashion are appropriate. I think young designers in Korea have a great potential in this area. I also like the fashion brand called 'Eudon Choi'. The lines of the work shown at London Fashion Week were very minimalist and concise. 

Also impressive was the original flow of the line.

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