04 Mar

Maximilian Davis has been set forth on a journey to redefine the luxury House of Ferragamo, and he deserves a gold star for his efforts thus far. While the newcomer graduated from London College of Fashion and debuted his eponymous brand three years ago, the designer stepped in as Ferragamo’s new Creative Director in 2022 following Paul Andrew‘s departure. Last season, Davis made a fiery debut that placed the brand under fresh eyes, now returning to Milan Fashion Week to present his sophomore collection.

The occasion was hosted in Milan’s Allianz MiCo Convention Centre, which was set up with circular seating arrangements and blazing spotlights to illuminate every look that walked the runway. Energetic techno beats mirrored the venue’s uplifting energy, accented by the sounds of a beating heart that imitated the collection’s relentless spirit.

Furthermore, perfectly-fitted trench coats were matched with compact shorts for a fun-filled summer, while zippered details allowed for deconstruction and personalization. House-specific red notes were hidden within most garments, employed next to intricate wrap dresses, adventurous tinted co-ords, and stacked vinyl dresses that reflected under the limelight.

Take a closer look at Ferragamo’s FW23 collection in the gallery above.

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