10 Nov

He wowed audiences with colorful and extravagant designs that reflected his unique vision of fashion.

The Sling Stone collection, created by Park Jong Chul, has been recognized as the true embodiment of masculinity and femininity. Women's designs exuded elegance and strength, combining bold patterns and whimsical silhouettes.
 From bold white and black color combinations to incredible details like voluminous accessories, each piece spoke of self-expression.

The Sling Stone men's collection also attracted attention with its extraordinary art. Here, Park Jong Chul used carved accents and tropical motifs, giving each outfit a daring and exotic feel. From floral prints to quirky geometric shapes, these designs embodied boldness and passion.

However, the Park Jong Chul collection not only delighted the eye with its stunning beauty, but also successfully conveyed meaning and history. Each model was a small work of art, embodying the unique emotions and moods of the designer.

By doing so, Park Jong Chul demonstrated his outstanding talent and status in the fashion world. His Sling Stone collection at Asian Kids fashion Week 2023 in Seoul received a positive response from the audience and left an unforgettable impression.

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