10 Nov

A special feature of the show was the collection of Korean national costumes Hanbok, created by Song Jin Joo himself. They not only delighted the audience with their exquisite design and amazing attention to detail, but also became a striking example of the influence of oriental traditions on modern fashion.

Each outfit featured a unique combination of colors, fabrics and embroidery. Every seam was thought out to the smallest detail to emphasize the elegance and grace of the model. Each model, entering the catwalk, conveyed incredible energy and admiration to the audience.

Particular attention was paid to children's Hanbok costumes, which were delicate, sophisticated and at the same time emphasized the young age of the models. They became the perfect blend of traditional and modern fashion, creating a magical atmosphere on the runway and capturing moments in fashion history.

The Song Jin Joo collection at Asian Kids Fashion Week 2023 won the hearts of the audience and caused a storm of emotions. It became evidence that Korean designers are capable of creating real works of art that can compete with the most famous brands in the world.

Song Jin Joo introduced the world to the unique beauty of Korean national Hanbok costumes and proved that fashion is a universal language that can unite cultures and peoples. This show will remain in the memory of every viewer forever, leaving a mark in the history of fashion and admiration for the work of the great designer Song Jin Joo.

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