18 Oct

PHENOMENON SEEPER SS'2024 largely repeats the codes of the collections of past seasons since the founding of the brand - the assortment includes short dresses, a suit-overalls, both a classic cut for the brand and a modified one. 

The brand has also brought back iconic elements such as wide collars.

The current collection is quite reminiscent of the Koret and Naspor style of the 2000s, it is quite fashionable and modern. 

The show also featured men's clothing, this is a new highlight of the brand.A little about the brand:

PHENOMENON SEEPER is a womenswear-based social fashion brand that embodies diverse phenomena.

With the slogan ‘CULTURE EMBODYMENT’, we realize the story by circulating cultural phenomena and expanding art with various artists in each episode.

As PHENOMENON SEEPER pursue the aesthetic curisoity, we suggest the sustainability of cutural phenomena, as well as the approach leading structural changes. Through communication with our sharers, we seek to create new values.


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