16 Feb

The popularity of Korean fashion trends has skyrocketed in the last few years. Cute Korean outfits have now successfully made it to everyone’s Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards. The rising popularity of Korean fashion is directly related to the rising popularity of K-pop idols and Korean dramas. While pop culture has massively contributed to the rising popularity of Korean fashion, the industry itself has a lot to offer in terms of innovation and creativity. 

Seoul has always been a trendsetter in Asia. Anything that makes it to the streets of Seoul or Incheon Airport, is bound to reach neighboring countries in no time. Members of K-pop girl groups like Red Velvet, TWICE, OH MY GIRL are known for their chic, aesthetic cute Korean outfits. Fans of the mentioned bands and celebrities are quick to pick up on these fashion trends and are always up to adding a little twist.

While cute Korean outfits can be styled in myriad ways, there are always a few wardrobe staples one can rely on to change their fashion aesthetic. Here’s a list of 11 cute Korean outfits that will adorn your wardrobe with just the right amount of chicness.

1 | Chequered Jackets, Mini Skirts

2 | Oversized T-Shirts, Fitted Pants

3 | Oversized Jackets, Baggy Pants

4 | Mini Skirts, Knee-high Socks/Boots

5 | Oversized Shirts, Dungaree

6 | Fitted Tops, Baggy Pants

7 | Bucket Hats, Anything

8 | Plaid Skirts, Fitted Tops

9 | Knit Vests, Shirts

10 | Crop T-shirts, Mini Skirts

11 | Ruffled Shirt, Trousers

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