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Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon receives criticism after putting Songdo penthouse up for sale.

According to a real estate company, Hyoyeon submitted her penthouse in a high-rise apartment in Songdo for sale in the amount of 3.7 billion Won ($3,053,284.40 USD) at the end of last month.
The Girls' Generation member previously revealed the luxurious apartment on JTBC's 'Yurang Market', shocking viewers with the ocean view and modern interior.

However, there's now criticism saying Hyoyeon appeared on the show to advertise the property for the purpose of a future sale.

She's said to have purchased the penthouse for 1.25 billion Won ($1,032,904.50 USD) in 2012 when the "smart city" of Songdo was still being built, and it's considered a highly desired property and location.

A real estate official stated, "There is the effect of the coronavirus, but it's likely to be sold at a high price because it was a star's house that appeared on TV.

It's easy to drive to Yeouido, Ilsan, and Gangnam, and it's close to Incheon International Airport, making it a popular place for people who have to go overseas a lot."