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BTS’ J-Hope and Jimin look drop dead gorgeous as they attend the Dior show at the Paris Fashion Week

BTS JIMIN was overwhelmingly popular at the Dior Men's FW 2023-2024 Show held in Paris, France on January 20th. Thousands of fans flocked to the fashion show that day to catch a glimpse of the stars. David Beckham and Naomi Campbell appeared, and a performance video of 'Game of Thrones' actress Gwendoline Christie and 'Twilight' actor Robert Pattinson opened the show.

Jimin and J-Hope at the fashion show:

Dior recently announced that it had appointed Jimin as its global brand ambassador. Jimin attended the show with BTS's J-Hope and was escorted to the event, along with other VIP guests, including David Beckham and Naomi Campbell. It is known that on this day, as a large number of fans gathered, some of them created a rather dangerous situation. The Dior show consisted of a collection that British designer Kim Jones paid homage to Yves Saint Laurent.

According to reports, the two attended the 2023-2024 Paris Fashion Week being held in Paris, France. In the released photo,

Jimin and J-Hope are on their way to the event, surrounded by numerous fans and reporters. This is the moment when you can feel the global popularity of BTS. After the show, the luxury brand uploaded a picture of Jimin, the global ambassador. The look with modern elegance steals the eye.

The photos: 

BTS’ Jimin and J-Hope became the talk of the town as they looked handsome in the custom outfits as they posed for the photographers. They stood out with their amazing looks and beautiful outfits!

J-Hope at Louis Vuitton: 

On January 19th, BTS J-Hope was invited to the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2023 men's fashion show held during Paris Fashion Week to watch the event. Fans filled the streets hundreds of meters on both sides of Saint-Germain from the morning to see J-Hope from afar. Fans who had waited for J-Hope for a long time outside the venue chanted J-Hope's name when the vehicle J-Hope was in pulled out, and at one point got the street stop for him.

On this day, even the chaotic situation in which public transportation was completely suspended due to the cold weather and the general strike related to pension reform did not stop the French fans' love for J-Hope. With this kind of interest, J-Hope rose to the top of Twitter worldwide trend.