14 Jan

We spoke to the creative about her career and her rule-defying beauty looks.

Won Joyeon Throughout the years of working as a makeup artist, you’ve witnessed the growth of K-beauty. How do you think the industry has changed over the past decade, and what do you see in the future for K-beaut

K-beauty has been receiving global attention in recent years, and I believe that K-pop and the Hallyu wave were a key factor in its growth. I must say that Korean women are extremely passionate about beauty; they’re extremely informed and on-trend. I’ve realized that most recently, people have begun to accept that beauty is more about being unique and accentuating your own style, rather than following a certain loo.

Do you have any advice for those aspiring to become a makeup artist, especially during these times?
The current generation has access to a vast amount of information – YouTube is a great place to start. I’ve looked to the platform myself to see more makeup artists’ works from all over the world. While these resources serve as a good starting point, one thing to always remember is that having your own style is key. 

Maintaining a certain direction and philosophy should be at the core of your practice that can be further developed with the help of ongoing trends.

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