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Why we love it
AMUZE Jel-Tint is a plump jelly-like fitting tint that lasts for up to 12 hours.

The new paradigm of a moisture tint, this is a rule-breaking Jel-Fit Tint.
After rigorous research, AMUZE creates a 12-hour lasting Jel-Fit Tint that maintains its color-gloss-moisture on the lips.
This product is featured as Jel-Fit Tint, jelly fit texture, plump jelly lips, moisture tint, and vegan tint.
The 3-layer gloss system creates a more full and voluptuous jelly lip as time passes.
This product gives a jelly coating finish with a jelly-like barrier.
The jelly-like texture strongly fits to the lips for 12 hours with boosting moisture.This product has a vivid and vigor gloss with 8 Shades of jelly color.
The 3-layer gloss system gives a jelly-like gloss and volume to the lips.
This product has a jelly barrier moisturization & care effect.
A transparent tint & plump jelly design that comes in a handy size.
A vegan tint that is eco-friendly and sustainable.
The jelly-like color strongly fits to the lips and keeps the color- gloss -moisture for up to 12 hours & And the clinical tests have confirmed the effect of color-glossy-moisturization lasting for 12 hours.
For those who want a clear and vivid colored moisturizing tint, long-lasting color, gloss, and moisturization, close-fitting tint, voluptuous jelly lips, and a handy-sized tint, we recommend this product.
Jel-Fit texture with strong adhesive fit & 12-hour lasting effect.

The jelly barrier covers the lips that lasts the color, gloss, and moisture up to 12 hours.
Jelly coating finish gives a jelly-like fitting texture with minimized clumping.
This product is as plump as a jelly, vivid and vital like a sheet of jelly coating with 8 Shades of jelly color.

The 3-layer gloss system gives a jelly-like gloss to the lips that becomes more luminant as time passes, and makes the lips look gorgeous from any angle.
The 3-layer gloss system completes the jelly-like lips with the first step providing a moist gloss, the second step an oil with high glossing properties, and the third step a second oil.

Jel-Fit Tint gives the lips a plumpy jelly-like gloss.
This product has a jelly barrier moisturization & care effect.

AMUZE’s new transparent handy-sized product that proceeds the transparent family looks.

A plump jelly design that gives a healthy vigor to the lips with a peach shade.
Jel-Fit Tint is a patented design of the AMUZE originality.
A vegan tint that is eco-friendly and sustainable.

AMUZE Lip's Jel-Fit Tint is a glossy product with 12-hour long-lasting Jel-Fit Tint, and expresses a gentle jelly-like texture, clear and vivid jelly colors, and jelly gloss.

Featured ingredients 

AMUZE received the EVE VEGAN certification for its eco-friendly and sustainable vegan product, so it is safe for use.
The ultra lightweight and dense oil and jelly coating of the film former fits to the lips with a jelly coating finish without clumping and reduced stickiness. Color-gloss-moisture lasts for 12 hours with a strong fitting Jel-Fit texture.Hydrates and moisturizes the lips and reduces dead skin on the lips with 8 Hyaluronic Acids, Peach Extract, Vitamin E Acetate, 10% Vegi-derived Oils.

The 8-hyaluronic complex provides deep hydration with a mix of high and low molecular hyaluronic acid, reaching even the deepest layers of the skin. 

Prunus Persica (Peach) Fruit Extract helps to provide a clear lip skin tone and a smooth lip skin texture.
Vitamin E Acetate protects the lips and skin from external environment.

10% vegi-derived oils, such as palm, coconut, and Brassica Campestris (Rapeseed) Seed Oil, help maintain moisturizing.

From production process to packaging, we have obtained the French EVE VEGAN Certification, which verifies the entire manufacturing process, so you can rest assured with our vegan tints that pursue environmental and sustainability and support valuable consumption.

Alergen-free peaches are applied with a peach scent and free of potential allergens, so you can use them safely.
Uses FSC certified paper and prints with soybean oil-based ink to reduce the harm on the environment.

How to useGet an appropriate amount and apply it on the lips.[COLOR_FEATURE]

01 Boksoonga Jelly is a jelly peach color of a ripe peach, recommended for those with a neutral skin tone, and the suits best for the neutral skin tone.

02 Healthy Salmon gives salmon pink lips, a healthy coral-colored salmon shade, and is recommended for warm tones.

03 Nupink is for a nude pink lip, healthy nude pink shade that is like the original lips, recommended for neutral tones.

04 Rose milk is for a milky rose lip with freshly picked roses mixed with a drop of milk, and is recommended for cool tones.

05 Oat Fig is a pinch of fit to healthy oats, a soft fig beige color recommended for warm skin tones, best suitable for warm tones.

06 Seoul Girl is a splendid color of the Seoul city, a easy-going mauve vibe pink recommended for those with cool skin tones, best suitable for cool tones.

07 Caramel is for a deeply caramelized rose lip, and is recommended for warm tones.

08 Gorgeous Mauve is for a rosy and mysterious mauve lip, a subtle mauve rose shade, and recommended for cool tones.

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