26 Nov

There are many influencers today who use their platform to spread Korean culture. The most important thing to take notice of is how influencers can positively promote a certain culture and make it worth following.

For this week's influencer spotlight, we are introducing Joan Kim! She has gained popularity for her personal vlogs, beauty tutorials, and product reviews. She started her YouTube main channel back in 2009 called Joan Kim. She also has a second channel where she mainly uploads vlogs called Joanday.

Throughout the years, Joan Kim has become the most influential Youtubers.

If you want to learn more about Korean beauty, fashion, or lifestyle, watching Joan Kim will be a perfect start. She has many in-depth videos about her everyday life living in Seoul, South Korea. We have gathered the top four videos to introduce you to Joan Kim.

K- Beauty

One of her videos that helped Joan gained recognition was her 'Beauty Empties" series. In the series, she would give her an honest review of the products she has used. The series is informative about various Korean skincare products. If you want to learn more about which products are best to use definitely check out Joan Kim "Beauty Empties" series.


Curious about Korean fashion shows? Check Joan's video about the fashion scene in Korea! She tries many fashionable outfits and shows the behind scene of attending a fashion show. It is interesting to see the fashion scene in South Korea and how it has a huge impact today.


Back in 2016, Joan made her "365" vlog series where she uploaded vlogs everyday for a whole year. The series is a good introduction for those who want to learn about the city life in Seoul. The vlog series is worth binge watching because you get to learn so much about Korea!

XoIIt is always fun to listen to Kpop stories especially when Joan talks about her favorite K-pop group, Big Bang. Throughout her "365" vlog series, she visited many entertainment companies like YG and SM.

Have you heard about Joan Kim? If so which is one of your favorite YouTube videos? Let us know in the comment below. Also make sure to let us know which influencer we should spotlight next!

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