06 Dec

Global technology company Dyson has officially selected BLACKPINK's Jisoo as its ambassador. Jisoo will be the face representing Dyson's new hair care products and will actively engage in promotional activities. Dyson Korea announced the ambassador selection by posting Jisoo's photos on its official Instagram.

As the first East Asian to adorn the exclusive cover of Vogue France, Jisoo is a contemporary icon known for radiating Korean beauty with a unique aura, coupled with strength and boldness.

Since her debut, Jisoo has continuously challenged boundaries in various fields, such as music and acting, transcending limitations—an approach that aligns with Dyson's philosophy of pursuing innovation and growth beyond existing limits. Inspired by Jisoo's fearless endeavors and refusal to compromise with reality, Dyson chose her as an ambassador, anticipating a perfect harmony between Jisoo's ever-changing charm and Dyson's expertise in hair care technology.

Jisoo expressed her joy at becoming the ambassador for Dyson hair care, stating, "I am truly happy to be the ambassador for Dyson hair care, products I use every day." She emphasized her keen interest in maintaining healthy hair and highlighted how Dyson's hair care products prevent damage from excessive heat, making it easy to maintain healthy hair. She stated that being chosen as an ambassador holds deep significance for her due to her daily use and appreciation of Dyson's hair care products. The collaboration aims to showcase beautiful and healthy hair styling.

Netizens commented, "BLACKPINK members are so successful," "Each member's brand list for being an ambassador is amazing," "Jisoo's so beautiful," "YG still hasn't said anything about their contracts," "This is amazing," and "Why does that Dyson product look so big? lol."

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