10 Feb

Product Info

Why we love it

Priming Veil Cheek delicately but firmly contains sophisticated colors to provide a smooth and filling skin texture.

According to the satisfied customer reviews, the color development is appropriate, it feels so soft and pleasant on the skin, and this product is recommended as it applies smoothly and even corrects the skin texture as advertised, covers pores smoothly, and adds a touch of vitality.

It features Jeonghan’s Cheek, Mellow Mood, and Petal Blusher.As Jeonghan's real recommended item, this two-shade product is a colorful MLBB color composition that gently adds texture and subtle vitality.

It is a new priming cheek concept with a color that spreads across the cheeks like ink on paper, thanks to the smooth petal texture primer effect.It covers pores and irregularities smoothly as if applying a primer, providing a priming blur effect where the color settles down beautifully like petals.It is a sebum control soft finish product that has a sebum control effect that blocks clumping and grease, so that the clear and fine pastel color can be maintained for a long time even under face masks.

As a priming blur product, it is a delicate design with a touch of petal texture that gently settles on the skin.

Featured ingredients
Spherical powders of various sizes delicately and smoothly cover any pores and wrinkles.

The sebum powder catches sweat and sebum, making the skin texture smooth and soft.

How to use

1. Apply an appropriate amount on the brush and lightly shake off the powder.

2. Apply by lightly sweeping around the most prominent part of the cheekbones.


PK02 Moon River is a rosy mauve that brings out a drop of rosy light and stylish vitality.

CR01 Refined is a soft coral that subtly brightens the complexion.

PK01 Glimmer is a daily soft pink for a delicate feminine look.

BE01 Mellowness is a daily soft peach beige for a subtly attractive look.

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