22 Jan

Seamless blending: This brow pencil with matte and soft texture creates seamless brow makeup for the most natural-looking brows that no one will think it's makeup.
Fine edged: The ultra-fine tip can draw refined brow textures that highlights each strand of brow hair with optimized color and density.

Featured ingredients
The special oil-coat base blend allows the eyebrow makeup to last longer.
The included cutting knight keeps the pencil sharp for the best makeup results.
Optimized coloring and pencil density creates a more seamless makeup that blends with your own brows - everyone will think that it's your own brow hair.
Cutter knife: The included cutter knife helps you to keep the pencil edge sharp and edged so that you can create the most natural-looking brows.

How to use?
Use the narrow edge to draw the outlines and delicate brow textures.
Use the flat side to quickly and easily fill in the spaces between eyebrows.

Brownie Brown: warm medium-brown color that matches naturally with all brown hairs.
Deep Brown: Darker and deeper brown color that can be versatile for natural to dyed hair colors
Ebony: Clear black color that matches perfectly with darker and black hair
Light Brown: Light and soft brown that is great for bleached and lightly dyed hair.
Soft Ash Brown: brown without reddish hue that is well-matched with ash-colored hairs and medium-bright brown hairs.

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